The First Incident

Inside she hugged one leg to her chest, placed her shoes beside her followed by her bag on top of them, then checked her gun and placed it to the side and leant back. She exhaled, took off her headphones and sunglasses then ruffled her hair and tied it into a high ponytail. Afterwards she put on a black hooded jacket from her bag and pushed the hood up, put on the headphones and replaced the sunglasses, her eyes remaining closed the entire time. She stood then stretched, sorted out her clothes, sat back down and took out another capsule. After breaking it she swallowed the powder and pocketed the empty shell. She sighed then stood and walked to the window, looking down to the area of dead trees to the side and approaching the front of the church.
‘So people really are alive here?’ She thought as she watched shadows pass by gaps in the wall of broken windows that hadn’t been covered properly. ‘Young too. I wonder how they survived?’ She looked as rumbling sounded out and in the distance a group of large dog-like creatures walked past the opening as if patrolling. ‘These creatures are too advanced.’ Her hand twitched around the gun she held but she just exhaled then sat in her space and closed her eyes, her left hand still holding the gun securely, the bag strap around her leg and the bag itself behind her leg.

The sky didn’t change light level, it remained dark but just so it was possible to see a few feet in front, but on occasion there were flashes of light as thick grey clouds passed and there were gaps within them. A scream sounded out, the girl slowly opened her eyes then looked to the gap before gathering her things, standing and walking towards it holding the gun. She leant against the wall then looked out. A young girl, vaguely resembling the one from the church though she couldn’t be sure, ran towards the warehouse chased by four of the dog-like creatures. Sighing, she held the gun then aimed and shot once. As the creature fell to the side with a whimper 2 looked to the origin of the attack and ran. She grabbed her shoes and ran out of the area by a back exit, her heart beating fast.
As she slid to a stop outside the back she waited then listened with her eyes closed, calming her heart beat at the same time. Dragging sounded out then the group of creatures passed, one dragging the dead one by it’s throat.

The End

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