Momentary Sanctuary

Deciding to stop the girl sat on the ground and looked around before pulling out a small capsule from her pocket. She snapped it in half then poured the green powder into her mouth. After swallowing she sighed softly and pocketed the emptied capsule then leant her head back. She looked to the side then at the water under the arches of the bridge she had crossed. It was stagnant and not clear enough to tell if anything was under it. If something such as a piece of dirt fell into it then the muck would ripple out before settling back down. Nothing like that happened during her rest so she walked away from the waterfront still carrying her shoes as she approached a small foot bridge. She got nearer then looked as rumbling sounded from all directions except her right. In that direction was a tall church. The rumbling got louder so she took her chance.

While holding her gun in her left and shoes in her right she ran towards the slightly open gate.
‘Please be free’ she thought as she turned on her side and slipped through the gap before going through to the main area. The rumbling died down so she slipped beside the altar and hugged her legs. As soft clicking echoed out she moved to around the altar and held her gun close. More clicking sounded out the she checked her ammunition. Rumbling that was softer and of a slightly higher pitch filled the area then the clicking faded before silence once gain filled the area.
“Gone?” A voice whispered from above and further out.
“Yeah I think they have.” A quieter voice replied.
“Okay let’s go back to base.”
“Right.” There were two sets of thuds then she looked around the edge and saw two people, a young boy and a younger girl, rush out of the church and take an immediate left. She stood then walked to a thin gap in the wall and watched as they advanced to a warehouse with most of it’s windows missing, the signs faded beyond recognition and the walls crumbling slightly.
They entered then slowly the door was pulled to a more closed state and the two went from her sight. She nodded then picked up her shoes, sorted out her bag and pocketed her gun so it was easy to get at a second’s notice before leaving and walking under the bridge and up a slight hill towards a multi-storey building.

The End

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