The Abandoned City

A girl travels to a city but instead of it being full of people, transport and animals it's barren. Or is it?

After a train pulled up to the station and the doors opened a girl wearing a big pair of headphones descended. Her heels clicked onto the ground then she sorted out the bag strap before looking around, pushing her sunglasses further up her nose. The station was deserted: no guards were pacing up and down, the bins were empty and soon the train departed, the girl having been the only passenger. She advanced with her heels hitting the ground and echoing in the abandoned corridors. At the ticket station she walked though as the gates were open and no lights were on. After exiting by pushing the doors open, which creaked in complaint of being used, she looked around. Tall buildings were silhouettes in front of a dark blue sky, litter and paper flew around in the slight breeze. She tucked her fringe behind her ears to stop it obscuring her vision then she took off her headphones. Deathly silence; no birds nor any animal cry of any kind, there were one sounds of traffic nor people either. She sighed then replaced her headphones and walked away, the sound of her heels against the cracked stone pavement echoing and filling the area with noise.

As she passed the buildings that were crumbled and covered with think ivy she continued to wear the headphones and the sunglasses. After passing an alleyway a rumbling echoed out. She stopped then reached into her bag slowly and quietly.
‘When one wakes they all do.’ She thought as she pulled out a gun with a silencer on the barrel. Carefully she knelt then slowly undid her boot. She slipped them off then held them in her spare hand while her left held the weapon. No noise was made as she walked on and the rumbling faded before stopping. Despite not sensing any nearby danger she remained with her hand on the gun and listening out.

The End

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