I wake up, the normal it’s never going to happen voice doesn't sound in my head. My eyes narrow together, how odd.

I glance to the plastic wall clock on the opposite wall, 6:15. I smirk, rushing to the shower, before Rob can turn all the water on upstairs. I shower in ten minutes, as soon as I step out the water turns icy cold. Too late.

I smile, glad that I've finally beaten him at this idiotic little game. I look at the clock again, 6:20. My eyebrow elevates, only five minutes? I change quickly into some new clothes - well, when I say new, I mean fresher than the clothes I wore yesterday.

I jog up the stairs, my hair drip-drying, walking into the kitchen I find Roy by the sink. His eyes narrow down in pure unadulterated concentration as he turns frantically on the taps, ears searching for a squeal. My squeal.

I blink, shaking my head and walk over to the pine larder, plucking out my box of cereal. Mmm, sugar coated cardboard, yummy.

Roy growls at me in the background and as per usual, I ignore it. I grind the cereal between my freakishly teeth. Auntie Rose walks in, glares at me and looks lovingly at her only child. That’s right, despite raising me practically from birth; she still treats me like an unwanted squatter.

"Frankie," her crude tone slices through me, like melted butter. "I expect you to clean the whole house as it’s currently a pig’s sty, walk the Butchers and do the shopping."

“What about school?" I squeak.

She sighs dramatically. "After school then, don't fuss me, do as you're told."

Roy looks up, smirking menacingly. "Good luck, Cinderella."

I close my eyes, wanting the tear ducts to dry up and die. "Okay, good bye," my voice catches slightly; I gulp it down, trying to keep my little dignity. "I don't want to be late."

Roy chortles under his breath as I leave the room, quietly click the kitchen door shut and run down the street my feet pounding into the cold, hard concrete.

I gallop to the furthest local park away, feeling like the loneliest person in the world. Is there anyone that is like me out there, other than fictional princesses? Will anyone ever understand? I cry in my head.

The tears very real on my face.

The End

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