A Short WaitMature

Aikin stopped at a rather average apartment and unlocked the door and silently holding it open for Cathal. He’d pulled his scarf back up to cover the scars on his throat some time during the walk, preferring to cover them up. He didn’t like talking, or rather, writing, about them. Or signing, which he’d learnt to do in a few languages.

Looking at Aikin distrustingly before walking in, Cathal felt nervous about the whole affair. He’d been welcomed into other people’s houses before, but something about Aikin was unnerving. The scarring on his throat. It wasn’t like a thin slice from an operation, it was jagged and messy, almost like someone or something had clawed away at it.

Aikin closed the door behind himself and tapped Cathal on the shoulder then pointed over to a lounge in what appeared to be a modest living room. Cathal paused for a moment before walking over and sitting down. Aikin was nowhere to be seen when he looked  back and he wrung his hands together tightly. He heard sounds from elsewhere and relaxed only slightly.

Cathal observed the room as he waited. There was an 8 feet tall bookshelf that was absolutely filled. The male recognised many of them as historic, geographic and books about animals. There was also the occasional novel dispersed throughout. ‘He certainly has an appreciation of books…’ Cathal thought, noticing that the sounds elsewhere had stopped after a minute.

Walking back into the room silently, Aikin carried a mug and plate with a few biscuits, surprising Cathal. He didn’t expect Aikin to be getting any food. “Um… Thanks…” He said as Aikin placed the plate on the coffee table in front of the lounge and held the mug out to Cathal. It was almost filled with hot chocolate. Cathal accepted it with a polite smile.

“So…” Cathal asked as Aikin sat beside him. The giant smiled gently and tapped his own head, mouthing the word ‘hood’.

“Sorry, I’m- Right… you know…” Cathal reminded himself before he tentatively pulled his hood back. A pair of very much cat-like ears were low against his head, almost blending in with his hair. His face became slightly red as Aikin smiled at the sight of them.

‘I haven’t seen a Felithrope in ages. Literally. A few hundred years.’ Aikin wrote down, prompting Cathal to tilt his head quizzically.


The End

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