Cathal looked between the man and the paper a few times before nodding. “Hello, Aikin.” He greeted before turning back to the waterfront. Aikin turned back as well, but he was still watching the other male out of the corner of his eye. He’d felt something under that hood other than Cathal’s head and hair. Two sections that could be slightly visible if one applied pressure to the hood, and felt if one rested their hand or arm on it.

Shaped just like wolf or cat ears, no less. And Aikin had smelt cat on Cathal the moment he was within a few metres. On top of that, Cathal smelled markedly… not human to him. There was a tinge of something he’d never smelt. Almost human, enough to even fool most animals.

Paying attention himself, Cathal noticed the other paying attention to him and sighed before asking “You felt them, didn’t you?” Even though he seemed relaxed, the hand opposite to Aikin was clenched tightly.

Aikin nodded and began to write again. ‘Cat ears? You smell like cats. I wasn’t aware that any of you were left.’ He wrote and showed Cathal. Cathal read it and his eyes snapped back up to Aikin’s. His hand relaxed and his mouth was slightly open. He looked speechless.

Aikin gave him a questioning look, writing ‘What?’. Cathal didn’t even look down, just staring at Aikin.

“There… are more?” Cathal asked after gathering his wits to speak. “I… I don’t remember anything before a few months ago.”

Frowning at this, Aikin told Cathal to follow him and began to walk off. Cathal did as he was told, his mind racing. It wasn’t only his amnesia that spawned his surprise. The blood that coursed through his veins was no more than a mimicry of human blood, exact beyond all but scrutiny from technology still thousands of years ahead.

Aikin may have known of people with apparent cat ears but Cathal was more than that.

The End

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