Cathal & AikinMature

But enough about me, I should introduce the other two in our story. Cathal and Aikin. The robotic human and the human robot.

It was a park in the night where two people stood. A young man wearing a hood low on his face and a much taller, slightly older, grey-haired man staring out at a pond with brilliant green eyes, almost glowing.  

The hooded male was roughly only 5’ 4’ and had bright turquoise eyes that stared down at the ground, actually glowing in the darkness. Truly luminescent. He was in a relaxed position, his hands in his pockets and head resting angled downwards. He wore a hooded jumper and long pants, staying as warm as possible in the Aussie winter air, even if it wasn’t as cold as some places. His face, soft and youthful, was that of a 19-year-old.

The other, who looked to be in his mid to late 20’s, was probably as tall as Samson, an easy 6 and a half feet tall. He was clothed in a long duster with a scarf, black t-shirt and black jeans. His eyes were weary, blankly absorbed in distant thought. There was a touch of dreadful sadness to them.

“So, why’re you out here?” The younger male asked, looking up to the giant curiously. The giant looked down at him, tilting his head to the side. A strand of hair fell over the older man’s eye and he brushed it behind his ear, observing the younger one critically with such an intensity that the hooded male squirmed and put his head down.

The younger male suddenly jumped backwards when he felt a hand on his head. He’d jumped back 2 metres, already in an almost feral crouch by the time he landed. He narrowed his eyes at the tall man.

Shaking his head, the man just reached into his duster for a notepad and pen before pulling down his scarf. A jagged scar marred his throat. It was a wonder that he could even breathe, so his lack of speech was understandable.

As the young man stood back up cautiously, the man’s pen began to scratch against the paper of the notepad quickly. A moment later he held the notepad out, showing the younger male.

‘I like moonlight and water. They help me think.’ Was written out on the paper. The young man nodded.

“Okay… I’m Cathal. You?” The young man told the older one, whose pen had gone into action before he’d even posed the question. Just as he’d finished asking, the older male had turned the notepad back around.

‘Aikin.’ It read.

The End

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