“So, any idea where that ‘Moon extract’ stuff came from?” I asked Argent as I trudged through the snow, already knowing that it being related in any way to the moon would be symbolic.

‘Well, many of the past users and past… what I am. Fragments, I guess. Anyway, many of them associated it with chaotic and pure, even primordial magic, and it could be an advanced form of enchanting. I’m not sure what the base material is, though. Maybe one of the liquid metals, possibly mercury or caesium, although those are both potentially harmful to organic life.’ Argent theorised, not really getting anywhere besides ‘enchanting’.

“So, it’s enchanted metal… Makes me think of Terminator, honestly. That liquid metal-like android.” I remarked, hoping I didn’t end up becoming anything like that. I rather liked my own flesh and blood, one of those already gone. Examining my hand and trying to manipulate the ‘moon extract’.

‘No. Though I think it does begin to ‘replace’ your cells. They’ll look and function the same, I know that. Let’s see… I think it depends on what’s damaged and what’s close to the blood. So bones and marrow are first, as with skin.’ Argent explained. It made me despair, but at least everything would seem the same. I just knew that nothing good would come of it.

I began to go over things in my head, thinking about the repercussions and downsides of my new ‘blood’. With the prospect of my eyes becoming silver, it’d likely be found out soon what had happened, even if I didn’t get any injuries. My mind drifted to the capillaries in my eyes, somewhere where blood could be seen quite easily. I barely had any time to panic before a certain voice chimed in

‘Don’t worry, I can make sure that they remain their usual colour. Just like any veins or arteries visible beneath the skin.’ Argent told me before I’d even asked anything. I jumped slightly at the sound before relaxing as I realised what was happening.

“Thanks…” I murmured, still trudging through the snow as my mind wandered.

The End

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