“So, what’s the status on getting out of here?” I asked Argent, wondering what was happening before remembering the TV. Looking at it, it was as if the world was moving in slow motion. The silver was still pooling.

“Things in here are able to go faster than out there, at least when I’m in control,” Argent replied, leaning with his forearm rested on my shoulder. “This little world is relatively simple anyway. All it is is the room.”

“Are you going to speed it back up?” I asked, getting a nod. Argent, whilst saying he was made from my own consciousness, was very different to me. He was quite bright and cheery. His every facial expression was different. He moved differently. It was odd. Seeing myself as such a different person. Especially when that person could probably destroy my mind with ease.

Before my eyes, the TV screen sped up and I watched the silver finished pooling before it shot out into a line only a few centimetres in diameter. I felt a feeling much like my arm being pulled and going up in an elevator as I watched the view accelerate upwards before I felt the impact with the ground.

“So, want to get back into the driver’s seat?” Argent offered, beaming in a way that made me chuckle. So innocent.

“Yeah,” I replied to him, finding myself back in my own flesh a few moments later. My eyes scanned the horizon. It was night and the area had a small amount of plant life, still snowy beneath my feet. Mount Jagungal, in south New South Wales. It was mid-winter, but I no longer felt the cold much, odd since I was feeling it sinking its icy jaws into me earlier.

I looked around to get my bearings before heading back in the direction that I thought that I had come from. It was easy to see in the moonlit night. I always did like the moon. I laughed when I realised something. Silver there. Looks like two silver things were my companions now.

The End

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