Dressed in a casual black t-shirt and long pants, he smiled affably. He was quite thin, but he had some muscle on him. He also had silver hair, which I wasn’t surprised about. I wasn’t surprised about his eyes being silver, but there was something I couldn’t describe within them. Maybe a generally alien aspect.

But it was his similarity to myself that creeped me out. Aside from his eyes and hair colour, he was like an exact copy of myself. I was sure if he dyed his hair and put contacts to change the colour of his eyes in he’d look just like me, and vice versa. Standing there, in an immaterial world of imagination, it felt as if I was looking into a mirror. A mirror that reflected a visage I’d rather not see.

“Speaking of mirrors, you’ll be able to see me in them. I’ll look just like you, just the eyes and hair will be different. Don’t worry, your hair is the same colour. But...” He paused, giving me a sympathetic look. “Your eyes have a small ring of silver, and it will grow with time.”

I sighed in despair. “Great…” I muttered, dropping into my chair unceremoniously. I stared at the floor, almost glaring. What a foul trick of life… I didn’t even notice the sound of the other person get up, too preoccupied with my own despair. I’d doubtless end up being tested for any problems, and the silver ‘blood’ would be found. A death sentence.

Arms wrapped around me and I froze up, snapping to reality. It felt all too real. All too warm. “Um… could you not?” I asked awkwardly, shifting in my seat. When he didn’t move, I sighed again and relaxed.

“You realise that I’m pretty much you? When you die, I die, and I feel a fraction of your emotions, along with any physical pain you experience. Frankly, I want to keep you happy and healthy,” the young man told me, letting go and standing up straight.

“Okaaaay… Um… So… what should I call you?” I asked the being, not sure of what to call him. Certainly not Cearo.

“Hmm… Argent, maybe? Short for silver, as you know.” ‘Argent’ said, smiling as I looked back at him. That smile may be on my own face, but it was so different. Happier. A surprisingly pure happiness. Just the joy of simply being alive. I nodded, managing a small smile of my own. For all of my own despair and awkwardness, I was actually feeling happy for Argent being there.

The End

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