Argentum Luna ExtractumMature

‘Technically speaking, you. Well, a fragmentation of your mind born of that silver liquid. I can understand your thoughts, as you’ve guessed, and I have all your memories. A little more, myself. Past versions of me.’ The voice told me, making me frown. I didn’t entirely trust it, and it knew that. The fact that it was part of that liquid… my new blood… only unnerved me further. What was that stuff?

‘Argentum Luna Extractum. Or, translated. Silver moon extract. Honestly, besides its name and effects, I’ve got little knowledge of it. I’m more you than it.’ The voice answered my thoughts. It was a little nicer. That the voice was less of what had replaced my blood.

I began to collect myself, looking around the cave for an exit. Other than the hole in the roof, no way out. I sighed in hopelessness. “Does this magic silver do more than give immortality? No point living forever if I’m stuck in a hole for eternity.” I  questioned grimly. I may have heard of mages that lived for hundreds of years, a common legend, but true immortality, living either forever or as long as I wasn’t killed… I couldn’t believe it, but was far from thrilled. There had to be a catch regardless.

‘If you’d let me control your body again, I’ll get you out.’ The voice offered, only making me confused. How the hell would I do that? ‘Just… Relax and think that you want me to take control.’ It answered, and I did so. A moment later my body began to move again, not of my volition.

As my arm extended up, I saw the wound that my knife had made begin to flow with silver again, trailing up my hand to form a globe upon my upturned palm. ‘You can also almost freely manipulate it. And don’t worry about bleeding out, either. I’ve added storage points that keep reserve levels.’ The voice told me, clearly waiting for something as the silver pooled.

‘So… how does it work? And what should I call you?’ I wondered, trying to move from my position out of control. Within a few seconds, I found myself in a room, probably some kind of mental construct. Just a small one, a few bookshelves, two chairs, a table and a TV showing what my body was seeing. Nothing remarkable. The closest to remarkable was the young man sitting on the chair opposite me.

The End

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