I stirred as I heard someone saying my name. ‘Cearo. Cearo. Cearo.’ It said, sounding a lot  like myself. Exactly like myself. I shot up and looked around. Not a single sign of life in the depression of the ground I was now sitting in.

‘Hole in the ground…’ I thought before jumping up and looking around, eyes wide. I settled down after finding nothing of that silver liquid. “It was all a dream…” I murmured, relieved. I thought that I’d drowned, in some silver, metallic liquid no less. But…

The depression was still there. That meant that at least part of the dream had to be real. My mind began to wander and, despite how cold it was, I took off my coat and pulled up my shirt, looking at my torso for anything different, as meaningless as that area might be towards having apparently drowned. Nothing. No discoloration, marks or weird creatures moving under my skin.

Relaxing and sitting back down, relief washed over me. Until I heard my own voice, whispering into my ears.

‘Wrong about that one.’ It told me, making me jump up again. I rushed to grab the knife from my pocket, lashing out behind me. Nothing. ‘That too.’ The insufferable voice said. I’d never particularly liked hearing my own voice, but at that moment I downright hated it as I looked around with panicky eyes, holding my knife ready to stab something.

“Come out, wherever you are!” I shouted, still looking about myself for wherever that voice may have been coming from.

At that moment my body froze, before my body swiftly used the knife to slice open my arm with no hesitation. If I’d bled normally, I might have been more comfortable, even being a passenger in my own body. Instead, that silver liquid sprung from my arm, trailing up and down it like the tracks of a snake. I just stared, wide-eyed.

‘Now, calm down. That liquid has replaced your blood. No, it’s not harmful. Quite the opposite, all people who have been affected by it have become effectively immortal at no cost.’ The voice told me as the silver liquid flowed back into my arm and the wound sealed, a dull silver confusable with skin at an indirect glance covering it.

As I came back in control of my own body, dropping my knife and rubbing my arm, I asked, “And who are you?”

The End

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