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The ghostly sound of a breeze that sounded eerily of laughter blew into the room  as Vincent struggled to stop himself from falling down flat. Looking at the holes from where Vincent had been impaled, and Ruby noticed that it wasn’t his wounds having become worse. It was them healing rapidly, flesh growing together at an accelerated rate.

Vincent felt light-headed as he tried to get back up from his all-fours position, not noticing the sound of the wind. Ruby and Amy had, though. Ruby dismissed it as a figment of her imagination, but Amy was more worried, casting a glance at Samson’s corpse.

‘Still… still.’ Amy thought, looking closely. Even dead, Samson gave her the creeps. Her shadow still hung over the facility darkly, shrouding everything. Even the smell of death hadn’t gone. Instead, it had only worsened, especially with that wind.

“That’s it. Let’s leave this place,” Amy said, frowning from the smell of death as she helped Vincent up, not caring about the blood it got on her clothes. Vincent himself only smelt bloody. There wasn’t a single scent on him other than that of blood. It almost made him not seem real.

Vincent limped as Amy began to help him along, his arm around her shoulder. She found that he was just as light as his malnourished form made him look and, miraculously, his clothes were still intact despite the shells that had developed from his skin.

As the outside world came into view, the trio paled, even Ruby’s usually relaxed eyelids widening with shock. Corpses. Hundreds of them, most dressed in body armour. Only one figure remained standing within the field of death. A carbon-copy of Samson, this time dressed in a black blouse and dress pants. She just smirked up at the trio just like Samson had from her place in the ‘field’.

The hall’s entrance was built into a large hill, with only the last few metres poking out. Undoubtedly it was trouble building the facility, but it was somehow done. Given what was being done within, the capabilities of whoever made it were clear. They were powerful.

But why was this person that looked just like Samson, whose corpse was still behind the trio, standing there? Even down to the feeling she gave off, this woman was the same. Either Samson had a twin, or this was a person of frightening magical ability. Ruby and Amy both had no doubts that it was the latter, and Vincent was too busy with the urge to kill welling up within him, emanating from his very bones.

The End

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