Ruby let out the breath that she’d been holding, looking down at the corpse of Samson. The shadows on the woman had disappeared, although it seemed that darkness twisted within her lab coat, eerie and unnerving. Ruby cracked open the barrel of the handgun and pulled out the bullet casing. It was that of a 50. Bullet, likely explosive based on its effects upon Samson’s body, smoking with a blasted hole in it. Ruby tossed the casing onto the ground and put the handgun away. The air smelt faintly of burnt flesh, and the char where flames had devoured the Doctor’s skin were clearly visible from the hole in her chest.

Standing, Ruby glanced over to Amy, who was staring at Samson’s corpse. It wasn’t just the damage that Ruby’s gun had caused that made her stare at Samson. It was the ease that the woman had deflected the wave of force she'd sent out, as if flicking away a fly. And Amy knew the amount of force she’d put into it. It was enough to send a man flying and cause internal damage. The fact it had been deflected with ease was no small thing.

Vincent had stopped his scream now, and was standing shakily. The moment that Samson had died, both her sword and the spines she’d thrown at Vincent liquefied and disappeared, evaporating into thin air.

“She’s… she’s dead…” He whispered, eyes wide and locked on the lifeless gold eyes that stared up at the roof from Samson’s still-smirking face. Even in death, she smiled maliciously, sewing fear into the hearts of all who saw her.

With Vincent locked in place, Ruby picked up Luciel’s body, a hint of clouded emotion sparking in her eyes as she touched the dead girl before being washed away by her usual callousness. “Come on. Let’s get out of here.” Ruby told Amy, walking towards the exit.

Amy nodded, her eyes remaining on Samson’s body as she began to follow Ruby. Vincent remained staring at Samson, oblivious to all else until Amy put a hand on his shoulder, mindful of any sharp parts.

“Vince… it’s done.” Amy said to the Experiment, the Survivor, solemnly. He nodded distractedly and turned away, the shell encasing him beginning to disintegrate and be absorbed back into his body. Before it was halfway done he collapsed, beginning to bleed profusely. 

The End

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