Vincent could feel the spines that had stuck him on the ground growing within him, developing barbs that made it difficult to move as he struggled. Anyone of a lesser experience of agony might have been reduced to being frozen, but Vincent, with all his pain, kept struggling, pulling and ignoring the fire exploding throughout his body.

‘I dragged them into this. I’m not letting them die for it. He internally groaned, every fibre of his being screaming: Protect them! Get free! Take revenge! Kill Samson! Kill her! Destroy her! Leave nothing but gore! Tear her to shreds!

Just as one arm began to pull away from the ground, Vincent felt a burning exploding throughout him, enough to make him scream. It wasn’t coming from his arm, though. It was from his chest. Adrenaline took over and he thrashed, ripping that arm right away from the spine without the slightest hesitation.

As Samson looked back to see Vincent screaming, Ruby burst into action, firing a volley of bullets towards Samson, aiming for her chest. The bullets hit, but Samson just took a step back, as if the 6 bullets only held the impact of a punch. Not even turning her head, Samson’s eyes drifted back to look over to Ruby.

“Why, you were always a feisty one. Of course, that’s what got you here.” Samson said, not losing her smirk by one iota. If anything, it grew a fraction.

“Shut up you bitch.” Ruby barked back, beginning to shoot again. She didn’t stop shooting as Samson sprinted forward. The Doctor was already halfway to Ruby and Amy, the latter of which shouted out a word and threw out her hand.

“Skioban!” Amy shouted, the air blurring as a wave of force and heat passed from Amy to Samson in a fraction of a second.

As the wave hit Samson, she just seemed to deflect it with the back of her hand, the wave dispersing as it flew off to the side. Ruby dropped to a knee, reloading. She’d hit Samson about half the time and firing off the assault rifle about 30 times.

As she readied to fire again, Samson cut the distance between them from 6 metres to one, kicking the rifle with enough force to shatter the front, Ruby only having enough time to drop the gun and pull out a handgun. It looked to be a breech loader, using a single high-caliber bullet.

Samson was about to slash again as a gunshot tore through her chest, getting halfway before detonation. Fire burst from within her as a massive hole was blown in her torso and she was thrown to the ground.

The End

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