A DreamMature

In my sleep, I witnessed scenes of terror. I was slaughtering people. Wielding weapon of silver that seamlessly flowed into different forms, I watched as I brutally murdered a number of people. I didn’t know a single face. The rage I could feel wasn’t my own, but I could do nothing but watch as the person who I saw through the eyes of slaughtered people madly, leaving them disfigured and twisted beyond recognition. Stabbed. Sliced. Choked. Crushed. Whoever I was in this dream, I wasn’t any kind of normal. I could feel it now. Feel my hands around someone’s throat, choking the life out of them. I began to hear them, and screaming, began to smell the blood. It was… amazing. Wonderful. Horrible. Terrible. But… whoever I was in this dream, I felt amazing. Letting everything out, killing without any thought, only a primal drive to sew chaos into the world. In the last moments of my dream, I heard a voice.

"Coire, this needs to end."

The End

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