“You know…” Samson started as she twirled away from another slash from Vincent with grace like a world-class dancer, moving angelically as she slashed low, up to Vincent’s underarm. Vincent caught the blade with his opposite hand, ignoring where the blade cut into his palm and emanated black smoke. It stung in a way no other wound that had been inflicted upon Vincent had, but he bore with it, giving a low growl. He glared at her with the photosensitive cells beneath the shell that had become his eyes.

“You might be quite fun from now on. Of course, I’ll need to kill those two.” She finished as a banshee-like call echoed from her dark blade as it was pulled back. Vincent looked down to it, only to find a pressure hit his torso with force like a massive bullet. Samson had kicked out, sending Vincent hurtling easily 5 metres across the room without much effort.

Bringing her off-hand up, black liquid, not unlike tar, flowed out into the shape of 5 long, thin spines before Vincent had even hit the ground. The moment he did, those spines exploded towards him at such speed that all that could be seen was the white flash they left before slamming straight into Vincent, piercing his shell and even the floor beneath him as he was nailed down with his arms and legs spread out. A spine in each limb and his chest with perfect precision.

Vincent hadn’t even realised what had happened before Samson was already making her way to Amy and Ruby, still smirking. With every step she took, it was as if her shadow grew, branched out. It was only a few seconds before it began to creep up her legs, over her clothes. Within the recesses of her lab coat, hundreds of eyes peeked out, staring into Amy and Ruby’s own eyes.

“Have you ever read ‘The Ascension of Moses’?” Doctor Samson asked, her every step echoing throughout the room loudly as her very being was slowly covered in shadows, countless eyes peering from within.

The End

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