The DoctorMature

After a few tense moments they turned another corner, greeted by the exit. A hangar-sized hall with a fittingly massive door. Only one figure stood in the middle of the hall. A woman comparable to the devil manifest in human form.

Vincent tensed up at just the sight of her. Seconds more and he shook. Amy put her hand on his arm. The shaking didn’t stop. Ruby got why. It was the anger hidden behind his previously blank state of emotions. He was finally clearly showing his anger. His age.

The head doctor, predatory golden eyes that elicited shivers at first sight cutting into the three rebels against her regime, smirked expectantly. Waiting. Whilst Ruby met the doctor’s eyes with a hint of fear, Amy couldn’t even look at her. Dwarfed by the pure virulence emanating from Vincent, Amy had her own feelings of anger and betrayal at the experiments that had been conducted.

“Well, you gonna keep me waiting?” The doctor asked in a dissonantly pleasant tone. Her voice was a soft cadence, beautiful despite her vicious reputation, that rang out across the expanse of the hall clearly. “After all, I’m eager for a fight as much as you are. And I’ve been wanting a field test of your abilities.” She told Vincent, not in inkling of fear within her being. Her reputation wasn't false in the slightest.

Vincent lowered Luciel’s body to the ground with care before stepping around her. The black plates of shell covering his face betrayed none of the storm of emotions he was feeling as he came face to face with the person who’d destroyed his life.

‘Either we’re screwed and Samson’s in for a fun game, or we’ll be free.’ Ruby thought grimly, watching doctor and ‘patient’ ready to square off.

The End

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