Vincent stared into the young woman’s eyes, feeling his claws in her chest. He’d pierced her heart, or at least major arteries. He could feel her sternum around one of his fingers. And felt the same within himself. At least one or two main arteries damaged, luckily no direct damage.He didn’t bother taking the young woman’s claws out of himself. It’d only start the bleeding.

Putting his arm around the young woman, vincent removed his claws from her chest almost tenderly. “I’m sorry, Luci.” He whispered to her, beginning to lower her to the ground. She managed to wrench her claws out of his chest, causing him to collapse atop her. They both thudded to the ground.

“I’m sorry, Luciel, but I can’t let you live like this.” He told her, still crying. Her lips turning up slightly, the young woman, Luciel, managed a tiny, sad smile. “Am I still… your sister?” She asked with a faint, trembling voice. Vincent nodded, holding her in his arms with surprising tenderness considering the earlier fight and managing his own faint smile.

As Luciel’s body struggled to survive, the bone-like growths covering her body were metabolised, slowly melting away and being devoured for their materials. More and more of her natural appearance was revealed, exposing scars of her face, arms and the rest of her body. Many needle and slash marks, along with faint scars from very old wounds and surgeries.

“Rest, for now. Try to live if you think you can control it.” He whispered, getting a humorless laugh.

“You’re so cruel, Vin.” She told him, even though she smiled, a peaceful expression coming to her face. “You… always had hope. Even wh… When we were being...” She began to say, but trailed off as her eyes went hazy, soon closing. “Being split apart…” She finished, the last remnants of strength leaving her body.

The physically insignificant rise at the corner of Vincent’s lips fell and he devolved into a sobbing wreck, clutching the girl, his sister’s body tightly. Even if the pair hadn’t spoken in years, she was the only reminder of his old life he had left, beyond clouded memories.

Amy frowned, taking a step forward before stopping. ‘I shouldn’t…’ She thought, even though she wanted to. She was about to try and cheer him up, but decided against it. Even Ruby’s eyes changed slightly, becoming oddly... knowing.

The End

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