The blade screamed under the force of being forced against bone, bending from the strain. Neither experiment noticed, their eyes locked together unwaveringly and unblinkingly. Everything outside of each other was gone, blown away in a tempestuous gale of emotion.

Ruby’s eyebrows raised a fraction, the only show of her being impressed at the blade beginning to break. She’d seen the testing. 3 SCU’s together couldn’t break one. Whatever it was going on in Vincent’s head was far more intense than it looked, even as he shook relentlessly.

The sound of metal shattering was the only warning before Vincent was sent flying back, hitting the ground 8 metres away. He rolled a few times before stopping and beginning to stand. The shell segments over his chest had large fissures in them from being crushed by the force that the adrenaline-fueled punch of the mutated young woman.

In action the moment that Vincent’s eyes had torn away from her own, the mutated young woman followed, as swift as a snow fox. White arced through the air, almost slicing open Vincent’s face as he staggered back. They began to fight in full, struggling between each other.

Out of the two, the young woman seemed to be more experienced, Vincent’s attacks more instinctual and ferocious, like an animal. The young woman was practised, blocking and parrying. She was being forced into a defensive state, stealing several jabs and slashes through the hail of stabs and slashes.

Vincent stopped for a moment, stepping back to prepare a stab. The mutated young woman did the same, aiming for the still damaged shell plating on Vincent’s chest. Black and white speared forward, each aiming for a heart.

Amy and Ruby watched on, unable to see what was happening fully due to the perspective they were given upon the event, watching Vincent’s back. All they heard was a crunch, unable to tell what happened, but both froze solid. Ruby and Amy both saw the mutated young woman's shocked expression, slowly forming as her eyes widened and mouth went slack.

The End

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