Watching the scene with horror, Amy stood still, eyes wide. “Brother” “Sister” Those were the words used by the pair that fought before her very eyes. Vincent trying to kill the person who may very well be the closest person to him even as tears could be seen on his face. Amy could feel the cold presence that was Ruby standing beside her, watching as well.

The contrast between Vincent and the mutated young woman was not lost on Amy. White and black. But she noticed something deeper. That young woman was initially grinning, enjoying killing those guards. But Vincent never smiled as he killed anyone. His bloodlust didn’t bring him any enjoyment. Killing was a cold revenge for him, not gratifying or fulfilling. Not fun. Just an indiscriminate vengeance.

She wanted to step in, but feared that either experiment may kill her, even if by accident. And if she tried to use magic, she might not be able to release it in time before the strain of attempting the task exhausted. And Vincent had already told Ruby to stay out of the fight. It was personal, but clearly not with hate.

Freezing her more than anything, Amy considered the reason Vincent may wish to kill his ‘sister’. He didn’t want her to live the way she was. It was a cruel act, that alone making Amy sick. But she understood, in part, his reasoning. Even with his desire of escape, she wasn’t even sure if Vincent himself would live for long with the ability to kill himself in his hands. She was sure anyone in his position would have tried anyway. She was right, even if she didn't know it. He had tried, numerous times.

Ruby’s impartial eyes gazed over the pair without any real concern. She just wanted the best chance of escape. Which meant she hoped that Vincent would be the one to win. She had to admit, there was some interest growing in her concerning the male. Even in the time she spent guarding him, he seemed a little different. Others were more like that young woman. Emotional and sometimes twisted by their experiences. Vincent was resigned, almost like she was. Numb to the pain of his reality. To see what he’d do out in the world had garnered her curiosity.

The End

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