Without any mercy Vincent stepped forward, clasping the sword he’d kept in his other hand tightly. He didn’t expect to use it on anyone of note besides Doctor Samson, but it would likely help finish this fight off faster. He swung it fast, quicker than the eye could track. The mutated young woman blocked the slash with her deformed hand and pushed Vincent away.

Vincent recovered and slashed downwards, the black blade carving into bone and becoming wedged within it even as pale claws pierced his front, stabbing into his stomach and liver. Even as tears streamed down her face, the mutated young woman fought back against Vincent.

“I am your sister!” She screamed, ripping her claws out of his body and punching forwards with her deformed hand. Vincent ignored the damage to his gut, pushing forward with the sword against the mutated young woman’s deformed hand with one hand and stabbing at her throat with his claws. She grabbed his wrist, her arms shaking as she tried to resist the slightly smaller but no weaker Vincent.

She stared into Vincent’s visible eye, its once wondrous depths now cold and deathly. It swallowed her up, unclosed her and chilled her. Vincent stared back into her visible eye, sadness seeping into his own. Something inside him was rebelling and for a moment, the mutated young woman managed to push him back before he crushed the internal rebellion. He saw the pleading in her chartreuse green eyes, and felt something cold run down his cheek. He knew he was crying, but didn’t stop, only began to push harder, forcing the young woman back.

Shaking not just from the strain of pushing against a force almost equal to the force he was exerting, but also from the emotions he kept locked in the back of his mind, Vincent pushed the mutated young woman against the wall. Beneath the shell segments covering his mouth his breath was laboured, his face contorted into an expression of emotional agony that felt all too physical. He was sick, ready to throw up. The emotional pain was leaking into his body, torturing it in ways no medical implement could.

A crack began to form in the blade, but the pair didn’t notice, their eyes locked together, blurred by tears and filled with emotion. That was the true battle. The battle going on beneath the skin. The invisible battle that the pair were trapped in the middle of.

The End

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