Black and WhiteMature

His eyes caught sight of a young woman that looked just about his age. Except something was wrong with her. She had a bone-like growth on her arms, legs, torso and some of her head. Her left hand was covered by a pair of claws, her right deformed into a brutal bludgeon. Her face was half-covered by bone, obscuring a face that might have been pretty beneath the blood and behind the sick grin that it wore.

Beneath everything was a pale young woman with bright green eyes and long black hair caked with blood like Vincent’s. She was a small young woman, but still a few inches taller than Vincent and just as malnourished. Torn and tattered clothes clung to her over the bony growths evenly encasing her body. A black t-shirt and shorts, like Vincent.

Vincent’s eyes filled with pain at the sight of her, but he didn’t slow, only sped up as she looked over curiously, ripping her claws from a guard’s chest.

“Big brother! Why do you loo-” She began gleefully, silenced by a punch to the chest that launched her 5 metres, into a wall. Her grin was lost and tears began to leak from her eyes. Vincent stood there, a snarl on his lips.

‘She is not my sister. She’s the monster that took control of her.’ Vincent reminded himself, preparing for the inevitable. He heard Ruby preparing to shoot the mutated young woman. “No. Stay out of this.” He hissed, throwing a glare of such intensity that the void within his eyes swallowed up any thoughts of noncompliance in Ruby’s mind.

The mutated young woman stood against the wall. “Don’t you rem-member me? Vincent?” She questioned hopefully. Her visible eye was a glistening green pool of hopefulness, but Vincent snuffed it out in a moment.

“You’re not my sister. You killed her.”

The words were a lance, destroying the hope in the young woman’s eyes in an instant. The message was clear. He was going to kill her, no matter what.

There they stood. Bone and shell. Female and male. Black and white. But not good and evil. Two people who went through hell and came out twisted in their own ways. A brother who clung to what little he could and kept who he was even as his body was corrupted at the cellular level. A sister who broke under all the experimentation and became the killing machine that the scientists had desired.

The End

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