Old MemoriesMature


The elevator doors opened and Vincent, seeing no one, motioned for Ruby to check. She looked out the door and down the hall, left then right. On the right, however, she could see a few corpses and a lot of blood. The walls were painted red, still dripping and oozing crimson down onto the floor.

Vincent noticed the smell the moment that Ruby had stuck her head out of the door, his claws twitching. Blood in such high amounts meant that something bad had happened. A rogue SCU or escaped experiment would do it.

Vincent cracked his fingers beneath his claws, walking out and beginning to walk towards the bloody area of the hall. He faintly heard footsteps and whimpers of pain from further down the hall, inaudible by Amy and Ruby.

Ruby and Amy both followed, Ruby ready to shoot any hostile figures at a moment’s notice.

The bloody scene worsened as they truly caught sight of it. Corpses littered the ground, all with various wounds. Claw marks and crushed chests or skulls were common, but stab wounds and shards of bone stuck into the guards were also causes of death. Vincent saw a black substance discharging from a wound and bent down to swipe some off with a claw and taste it. A growl erupted from his throat.

“I’m sorry.” He whispered, standing up straight. There was a sadness in his features. ‘I know I have to do this. This is my chance.’ He thought, the image of a young girl popping into his head. ‘All I can do is free her.’

A scream pierced the air before being silenced with a crunch. The whimper was gone. Vincent knew just who did it, and dreaded what was to come next. He began his slow walk around the corner, stiff with apprehension.

The End

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