Ruby told the pair in the elevator with her that there was something else happening, potentially another escape or even an outside attack. Her bets were on a lab failure and a need to evacuate everyone from the labs, which meant that something serious had happened. There was more than just human experimentation in there. Ruby had heard of an ‘artifacts division’ that supposedly had magical items.

Listening closely, Amy and Vincent prepared themselves. Ruby and Amy watched with interest as the black shell kept growing on Vincent. He stared back at them, his head tilting slightly. “Yeah. I grow a… something. Shell, I think you’d call it.” He replied at their looks. “I can still feel everything through it.” He added and a distasteful expression slipped onto his face. “Even when it’s been pulled off...”

Amy frowned, imagining the process of taking it off. Unless it was naturally shed, the process of removing it would be agonising. Like ripping off nails, at best.

“I have to say, that was the one procedure I wished that I could leave the room for. The others I could ignore but that one was a little too distasteful.” Ruby told them, preparing her rifle and looking at the floor counter. Almost at ground floor. ‘Finally,’ she thought.

Putting her shoulder against the wall next to the door, Ruby waited for the doors to start opening. Amy did the same on the opposite side with Vincent moving to stand in the middle, ready for any gunshots that might be aimed into the elevator.

“Cover me if anyone has a knife or sword or anything.” Vincent told them, not eager for any major damage. “And don’t let anyone remove my heart or cut off my head. I don’t think I’ll be able to come back from that.”

The End

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