Making ConversationMature

“Who was the first?” Vincent pushed, his eyes starting to fade from that cold void to pools of ink on white.

“A child that hurt me when I was young.” Amy replied, her mind still elsewhere. “It was how I learnt about my powers.”

“Speech mage?” Ruby asked before Vincent even opened his mouth. Amy nodded.

“What’s that?” Vincent asked, throwing both of them a quizzical look.

Ruby began to say something about it being obvious before stopping herself, remembering that he didn’t seem to have much knowledge of the outside word from what she’d figured out from things he’d said. He was hardly silent and brooding. More often than not he was almost talkative.

After a moment of considering how to explain it, Ruby answered. “Speech, or more formally, linguistic mages are magic users that require use of speech for magic, but the language varies. The more common and familiar a language is, the harder it is to access magically. So it’s extremely hard to use magic with English and especially one’s own native language. But Amy here is using… Old German, judging by the similarities.”

Vincent nodded thoughtfully, not questioning how Ruby knew that. A question began to form in Amy’s mind before it was blown away by the gale of emotions that she was experiencing. I killed him!’ She thought with terror, even though on the outside she looked calm.

Snap! Ruby snapped her fingers next to Amy’s head, trying to bring her back to reality. “Come on, no crawling into the depths of your own head. We might need you.” She told Amy, snapping her fingers next to the other side of Amy’s head and back again.

Amy blinked repeatedly, her eyes and mind snapping into focus. “Okay. Okay.” She said, shaking her head and doing her best to dismiss her thoughts. Ruby nodded.

“Well, regardless, we’ve likely got more soldiers up here.” Ruby told them. “Not guards. The guards are considered expendable. Those soldiers are better trained, but not used to things like you, Vincent. We should use that to our advantage. Also, we’ve got like… 5 minutes left of this.”

The End

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