Elevator TroublesMature

Amy turned the corner after peeking around again, watching as the guard put the muzzle of their gun to Vincent’s head. She yelled without thinking, throwing a hand out. “Aadra malan!”

The guard swayed and clutched their chest before collapsing. Amy was frozen, staring at the corpse. Her mind filled with the memory of the child she’d killed. The image of it flashed into her eyes. Before she’d only pushed the person she’d killed down. This time she’d constricted the blood vessels around their heart, directly killing them within seconds.

Looking behind him, Vincent saw the corpse of the guard, completely still, before looking over to Amy, who was just as still. He stood with difficulty, still recovering from being run through earlier. The worst had passed, at least.

Ruby strode past Amy, patting her on the shoulder. Amy jumped, snapped out of her shock by the sudden feeling. “Come on. You’ll have to kill plenty more.” Ruby told her coolly, not the slightest care in her voice. That kind of ‘Whatever. You’ll get over it.’ tone.

Vincent went to the elevator and, as he went to press button the for the ground floor, the elevator doors opened. He readied himself to attack, but it was empty. Ruby slipped in without a second thought and Vincent cast a look towards Amy, who was following with a distant look in her eyes. Vincent entered the elevator and after a few seconds Amy joined him.

The elevator doors closed and a peaceful tune began to play as the elevator ascended. It was almost taunting, and Ruby grumbled under her breath with words of annoyance. She’d counted the times she’d been in the elevator. So far, almost nine thousand times. And it only got worse as time went by. She didn’t even look as she pulled out her handgun and shot the two speakers till they stopped.

“Fucking finally.” She sighed, leaning against the wall. Vincent seemed slightly surprised, but was grateful for it. Amy didn’t flinch in the slightest, even as her ears rang.

“Was that your first time killing someone?” Vincent asked curiously, a hint of concern creeping into his voice. Amy shook her head. “Second.” Amy answered distantly, staring off at the doors.

The End

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