[Also, sorry if I’m getting these out slowly. I’ve been doing work experience at a law firm and whilst things are fun they’re a little draining.]

The SCU hit the closest guards in their guts, sending them to the floor as Vincent dashed forwards. Claws slid into the first guard’s throat fluidly, piercing their windpipe and jugular. Blood flew through the air as his claws withdrew, a few drops of vermillion falling to the floor whilst the others clung to the natural yet so unnatural blades that extended from Vincent’s fingers.

Grabbing the head of another guard, Vincent drove a claw into each of their eyes, ripping into the frontal lobe and causing massive brain damage. He twisted around, his hand around the guard’s throat as bullets fired into their body and some hitting his hand and wrist. The bullets left cracks in the shell plates, which were already sealing as he next came.

Vincent, in the commotion, didn’t notice the SCU until it was too late. A burning pain split his back as the blade of the SCU’s sword passed through, cracking the shell where it pierced it and travelling all the way through. It had barely missed Vincent’s heart but did cut a major artery near it. His hands slipping away from the guard, he grabbed behind himself, seizing the SCU’s neck.

With a sharp yank forward, the SCU fell to the floor in a heap after Vincent let go. He’d snapped their spinal cord in one swift movement. He didn’t know the science behind it, but he knew that if they crumpled like that, chances were that they’d die.

He didn’t stop to consider the SCU on the ground, already on the move towards the guards. Ripping the sword from his back smoothly, the blade that had previously wounded Vincent was used as his tool in splitting a person’s skull open down the front and slicing out the eyes of another when his downward slash was flung to the upper left.

He felt more bullets stabbing into his back and he collapsed. He could stand the pain, but the damage being impale had caused him was taking its toll as it healed. It was more difficult with organs like that. Took him closer to the edge of life.

The End

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