Vincent looked back ahead, quickening his silent pace past Ruby. “Wait.” He whispered on the way past, his fingers wiggling. After Ruby stopped he dashed ahead. Turning the corner, he jabbed his arm forward, knocking the gun out of a guard’s hands before grabbing their chest armour with both hands to use them as a meat-shield. The sound of metal scraping against metal could be heard moving towards Vincent and he threw the guard forward into the gunfire that had erupted.

The barest flash was seen as the SCU slipped below the thrown guard, sending their body spinning through the air. Vincent took a step back as black flashed out before his eyes, almost taking out the other one, just as photoreceptors were finishing their development beneath the shell over his previously damaged eye. He saw blurrily out of his left eye, enough to make out what was happening but not enough to read, even up close.

Twisting, Vincent dodged a slash aimed at his neck, then his claws swung out, slicing open the SCU’s arm. Another slash and he grabbed the blade, feeling screeching vibrations through his shell. The SCU began to push the blade towards Vincent’s chest, pushing with all their might. Vincent’s arm shook as the SCU forced the blade forward.

“Widarisinnan.” Amy murmured, peeking around the corner to watch the struggle. The SCU’s legs were yanked back and they fell forward. Vincent’s arm shot out, grabbing their throat. This one was shorter. Sniffing at the air, he guessed that the SCU was a male. He could smell it beneath the scent that the genetic alterations gave them.

Vincent threw the SCU with all his strength at the guards that had been watching, rooting silently for the SCU. Only one knew of Vincent’s strength, had seen him kill, no, slaughter another experiment on the rare cases that two experiments were forced to fight one another. They alone wished the most for the SCU to win, for they knew what could happen to them if worst came to worst. 

Vincent, initially not wanting to fight the other experiment, had eventually gone on the offensive. The end result was a crumpled and twisted corpse, skull crushed, arm torn off, chest caved in. The sheer bloodlust locked within Vincent’s usual resistance to giving in had shown Vincent as a true monster. ‘A true product of humanity.’ Samson had said about the event.

The End

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