Hearing the sound of footsteps and the familiar sound of a recently fired gun, Vincent glanced over to see Ruby aiming her rifle at the face of the SCU guard. One, two, three, four times she fired, her countenance as cold and impassive as ever. Vincent never even detected the smell of nervous sweat on her, noticed no signs of emotions for if she just hid them. Ruby, for all intents and purposes, appeared nigh-emotionless other than the resentful tone he picked upon in her first full sentence to him.

He looked over at the sound of a murmur to see a stone-still Amy watching with wide eyes from her place just outside of the doorway into the lab. “Huh?” He sounded, turning to face her. ‘She’s odd. She choked Ruby by just willing it but such a sight sees her freezing…’ He noted, eyes trailing over her.

Ruby cleared her throat as Amy was about to say something. “Hurry up.” She told them, already walking off down the hall. “The alarm’s sounded over the comms. Apparently a number of other subjects started acting up and are escaping. Funnily, a retreat’s in order. They’re saying to assemble outside.” She relayed to Vincent and Amy as they began to follow.

Eyes roaming, Amy looked over Vincent to both gauge the extent of any injuries and see what the black material that had grown on him was. She adjusted her glasses quickly, quickly double-checking if there was any blood on them.

As they approached the area of the elevator, Vincent picked up the smell of more people. Another SCU guard, as well. The smell of blood didn’t interfere as much now, the only blood left being some from Amy and a lot on the hands of Vincent himself.

He sniffed again. ‘She hasn’t got the smell of that acid on her, but she was definitely shot…’ He thought, looking over to her. He caught her eyes wandering over him, focused on the black shells that were forming on his body. She glanced up and met his eyes. After the barest moment she looked away awkwardly.

The End

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