Death in the FamilyMature

When it was heard that Amy had potentially used magic, the government had immediately investigated her. They didn’t see Amy, but eventually they found her parents meeting up with an agent of Wahtaari. They’d been heard talking about Amy’s powers and a group of the robots were assembled.

These robots were divided into two types, MSOs and MRAUs. MSOs, or Manned Suppression Officers, were used as SWAT officers and looked completely human, even varying in appearance as much as humans, aside from their luminescent blue eyes. MRAU, Manned Recon and Assault Units, however, were a lot more uniform. All had gas-mask-like faces with deep red points of light peering out from below the hood they wore. It gave them an almost horror-esque appearance to strike fear into any oppositions to Dwyer's rule.

Three MSOs and one MRAU assembled in the bushes of Amy’s house, watching, diligent and unmoving. Each was piloted by a different person linked into an android, directing their own and communicating amongst each other mentally. They were planning their attack. Based on the kind of magic Amy had supposedly used, linguistic magic, they’d need to prepare for many possibilities. The lucky thing for them was that children of mages tended to inherit similar or the same powers.

They began to advance under the cover of night, the MRAU nearly invisible. It was capable of a weak camouflage, with only its bright red ‘eyes’ visible, giving it the effect of a revenant.

They soon reached the door, listening in on a conversation between Amy's parents. “We need to get out of here quick. We need to go back to Wahtaari.” Her father said quietly. Her mother just dismissed it saying “There’s no need. We’re secluded and…” She trailed off, looking around. “We’re secluded and it’s been weeks.”  She continued.

The android’s busted in, knocking the door down in a moment.

In the aftermath, 2 MSOs and the MRAU laid dead by two adults, a little girl and an android staring at each other. The girl stared with wide eyes at the android’s blood-splattered visage before falling to the floor. The MSO walked away, reporting that the mission was a success. The next day, when the clean-up crew got there the girl and her parent’s corpses were gone, the house burnt down.

The End

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