The World TodayMature

The world’s governments had become aware of such magical powers a few years before Amy’s birth when a man in Europe had begun seizing control of multiple countries with magical abilities of his own. Every country from Turkey, Italy, Poland and everywhere in between. They were all conquered within a week, the man toppling governments with a hidden army and politicians in allegiance with him.

Months later, he had the entire world in the palm of his hand. This man, Dwyer Ulma, styled himself as a god. He’d instated himself as a universal ruler with various rulers underneath him for each country.

Under Dwyer's reign leaps had been made, but not without a price. The quality of life everywhere had gone down, martial punishment was back full-force, the police’s power had gone up. But despite that, any notion of war or competition between countries was crushed, a new currency had replaced all others to even things out, school curriculums taught more. Many people didn’t revolt in fear of what good there was leaving.

There was one group of people that did revolt, though. A kind of resistance filled with mages. Wahtaari. Amy had done her own research on them. The governments of the world styled the group as terrorists, but whilst parts were true it was, in many ways, magic users protecting themselves.

They attacked government facilities devoted to weapons manufacturing and developments, even though innocent lives were lost in the process. On both sides, people died. The government used humanoid, remotely controlled robots capable of far exceeding human combat capabilities in many situations, especially their own raids upon Wahtaari. And any known magic users.

The End

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