Amy's ThoughtsMature

Amy’s eyes first went to Ruby, who was staring down at the guard she’d just shot in the eye. Ruby, even though she was human, was far more unnerving than Vincent. Vincent appeared alive, if a bit off. Ruby, on the other hand, seemed almost dead. Just the first utterance Amy had heard from her ‘We both know that I can't stop you. Kill me if you want, just make it quick.’ made her feel a cold shiver. It was so dismissive, only a small amount of what seemed like disdain. She was resigned to death, not even trying to fight him.

She thought back on her own time before joining the labs. The organisation, if one could call it that, had not a name nor public presence. The only reason Amy knew about it was because the head scientist Dr Samson had contacted her with an offer of work. Amy accepted despite the uneasy feeling the woman was giving her, figuring it would be good to help her get started in life.

Her life. Amy grew up rather happily and normally until she was 9, when things became a little complicated. After being pushed by another child in an altercation at school, she’d pushed them down onto the concrete in turn, splitting open their skull. With nothing but a word. A number of other students and a teacher had witnessed the event, the teacher intervening to help Amy before stopping, shocked when the other child was pushed down without my even touching them from her place on the ground.

Things had gone downhill from there.

Amy had been told by her parents that she’d inherited the magical ability to affect the world by channelling energy into different words, the language different for each person. Amy was soon pulled out of school when her parents learned that the other child had died of their injuries. Amy herself was traumatised by the fact, not wanting anyone else to die to her abilities. As she was homeschooled, she studied what she could of her powers heavily, her parents teaching her. But all too soon, they were dead.

The End

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