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Vincent, slowly recovering, kept fending off the SCU guard. Ruby stood, watching the fight. The SCU guards were a minor product of the experiments. Faster, stronger. But more impulsive. A little animalistic. When violence came about they couldn't be trusted to not retaliate.

His eyes flicking down at a tingle in his hands, Vincent found his hands developing black coverings of a chitin-like material, tipping his fingers with claws. The sane thing that had happened at other times where he'd been involved in violence. The problem for the guards was that even in the event he was chained up, something they'd tried once, he'd end up breaking the chains if something inspired some form of anger in him. 

It was similar in nature to the SCU guard's problem but ran deeper. A few scientists had done their own tests on him and found something interesting to them. Vincent, faced with positive stimuli, would adopt a calmer demeanour, whereas negative stimuli tended to make him adopt a far colder one. Any violence would be met with it as well, furthering their suspicions that the experiments were causing little trauma but affecting his psychology all the same. Who he was would adapt to the situation he was put in.

Spying an opportunity, Vincent lunged forwards, grabbing the offending blade in his hand. Blood dripped onto the floor and down the sword. Both limb and weapon were shaking, both guard and experiment staring at each other. 

Without a word Vincent's other hand shot out, picking the guard, who was a good head taller than him, up by the collar. The guard struggled before being tossed towards a wall. They landed on it with their feet, quickly pushing off to slash at Vincent again. Blood sprayed into the air and both Vincent and the SCU guard were left bloody. They both collapsed onto their knees. 

Amy heard a lone gunshot from her place in the lab. She dropped the bullet she was holding and looked out into the hallway.

The End

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