A Quick DetourMature

Ruby, Amy and Vincent continued on down the hall, all three cautious to anyone else that could be nearby. A squeaky click startled Amy and Ruby halfway down the hall, who both looked towards Vincent. He looked back at them. He wasn't wearing any shoes, and his footfalls were silent. "I use the sound to better figure out the environment." He explained after a second of their questioning gazes and made the sound again. "Echolocation?" Amy asked, making sure to stay quiet (Unlike Vincent), getting an unknowing blink from him. "I'll explain it later." She told him with a dismissive wave. As Ruby and Vincent began to continue, Amy cursed under her breath. 

"I need to go back and get something." She told them, turning to run back to the lab. Ruby shook her head and sighed, but still followed. Vincent did the same. When the trio got to the lab Amy went into the room she'd come from. After a torturous minute she came back out with a satchel on. "That's everything." She said before they continued their journey.

The moment they stepped outside of the operating room they heard a shout. Another guard. More. 3 of them. At range Vincent wasn't going to be much of a help and still hadn't fully recovered from the damage he'd taken earlier either, the bullets he'd been hit by being slowly forced out of his body as he healed. The fact that they were hollow point bullets, the hollow filled with a small capsule of hydrochloric acid, didn't help the healing at all, even if it was just a nuisance to Vincent pain-wise. 

As soon as the other guards had noticed Vincent's hand, already bloodied, and the fact that Amy was carrying a gun, it was too late. Ruby had begun to shoot at them, no hesitation or second thoughts. She didn't care if she was taking their lives. She knew where she was working. People died, painfully and slowly, every day. Why not add a few more to the list?

The End

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