Four Down, One Up.Mature

Vincent darted to the side, striking one in the throat hard enough to fling them to the floor and crush their throat. He didn't wait to see if they were dead, tearing their assault rifle out of the air and firing a burst of bullets haphazardly towards another guard. 

Most didn't hit, but the effect was all that was needed. The guard stumbled and Vincent threw the rifle at #26, running at the guard he'd already shot. The guard managed to shoot at him as he advanced, but the bullets barely slowed Vincent before he leapt onto the guard. His fist struck down, shattering their mask and breaking their nose. 

He heard Amy say something behind him, not catching what, and then saw #26 fall to the floor at the edge of his vision, clutching at her own throat frantically, as if choking. Another strike and Vincent's hand was covered in blood, both the mask and face of the second last guard broken in it. He looked over to the final person, already knowing who it was. 

"Thanks." He told Amy, although she looked a little shaken from the scene that had played out before her. All but one guard fatally wounded. The one of the two guards that he'd hit in the chest had picked up a gun in the struggle.

"Vincent!" Amy warned, Vincent turning just in time to take a bullet to the chest. He winced and walked forward. Two. Three. Crunch. Vincent had stomped on the arm, breaking it. He then stomped on their throat, crushing their windpipe. The next was finished with the same brutal quickness. #26 was the only one left, sitting against a wall and breathing heavily with her mask off. 

She didn't even look up at Vincent. "We both know that I can't stop you. Kill me if you want, just make it quick. I know that she will take her damn time." #26 almost spat. Vincent shook his head.

"You're probably the best ally we have." He argued, taking her hand and pulling her to her feet. They met eyes. Green and black. #26 looked away, picking up her gun. 

"Fine. Now Amy, was it? You take a gun. Vincent, you should if you want." #26 ordered, walking to the doorway. "And my name is Ruby, not #26." She corrected over her shoulder. 

The End

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