A Change of HeartMature

Vincent, as he watched the young woman and felt the poison flow into his veins, reconsidered part of his plan. 'She looks innocent. She's too young for this. And if I just leave her alive she'll be killed by Samson.' He thought to himself, paying close attention to the scientist. Dr Samson was the scientist that was in control of the facility, a woman that was inhuman in many ways. Once Vincent watched her kill one of the scientists with her bare hands and a smile on her face.

The young woman shifted slightly, noticing his gaze. "Could you... stop?" She asked him, making him blink in surprise.

"Sorry, you're just a  bit young for this." He told her, speaking his mind. He was displaying no reaction to the poison. "What's your name?" He asked as she recorded the fact that he showed no immediate signs on a nearby clipboard and piece of paper. \

"Amy." She answered without thinking. She cursed silently and sighed. "Great." Amy muttered. Vincent smiled a little. It made things more familiar. Maybe he would offer her a way to escape.

"Well, I'm Vincent." Vincent told her. "First time here?" He asked, getting a nod."Thought so. You're a little jittery. Could you take the needle out?"

"Oh, sorry." Amy apologised and slid the needle out of his arm. The needle was little wider than average, but the wound didn't even bleed before it was closed up. The scientist ran her fingers over it absentmindedly. Not the slightest mark.

"Um..." Vincent started, blushing slightly and watching her fingers.

She quickly pulled her hand back. "Oh, sorry." She said, taking her fingers away. He was happy that she was at least being mindful of his comfort. More than could be said for almost all of the other scientists.

"Hey, I've been through worse. One of the biggest kindnesses I've been given is some of my guards telling me the time." He told her with a soft smile. She recorded something again before looking to the guards. 

"Any here?" She asked, smiling almost sadly. She felt sympathy for him, and couldn't deny the anger rising within her. First tricked, then to find out how bad the place was. He nodded but didn't tell who. 

The young woman was silent as she kept looking for any reaction. 

"Well, doesn't look like anything's happening." She said after what felt like an eternity to her. "Keep an eye on him for any reactions. If he starts reacting to the poison contact the nearest scientist." She told the guards. "And tell anyone you switch shifts with."

She untied Vincent and waved to him. "See'ya." She said as he sat up. He smiled back and gave a slight wave. Vincent walked forward, but at the first pair of guards he stopped, looking up into one's eyes, then that of the others.

"Goodbye." He said, driving both hands forward. A snap was heard and the pair was sent stumbling back.

The gunfire started.

The End

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