Vincent's planMature

Considering that the teen, Vincent's, escapade happened first in all this mess, I'll be continuing to tell his story. So, Vincent was led to a small lab with a cold metal operating table that offered no comfort. He laid down on it and waited as the guards watched. He was planning his escape today. Looking around, as usual, he waited for the scientist sent to do the experiment. As he did this, he was going over what he needed to do in his head. 

Let them do the operation. Then, when I leave, attack the guards and take one of their guns. Kill them and the scientist. Go down the hall and take two lefts, then a right to be at the elevator.

Soon enough, he heard rushed footfalls and looked over to see a woman in her early 20's. So odd that even the guards showed surprise. The young woman had black hair at about shoulder length, wore black, rectangular glasses and had a lab coat on. Brown eyes met black as she looked over Vincent.

Vincent's clothes were dirty, faded with some blood on them. He was also quite pale, his skin as if it had never been in the sun. His hair was white, an effect of the stress he'd endured during his years spent tortured. It was dirty and a little bloodied as well. 

The scientist was holding a needle filled with a clear liquid, looking at it distastefully. "Subject A.E.?" She asked, getting a nod from Vincent. She stopped next to the operating table, placing the needle down on a side-table to strap Vincent down. She looked at him with well-disguised worry. 'He looks so young.' She thought, feeling bad about what she was about to do. She picked needle back up and looked o the guards. She also feared what he was capable of if he needed that number of guards.

She inserted the needle into his arm, the inside of his right elbow. Se pushed down the plunger to inject the needle's deadly content. It was a poison, she knew that much. She was ordered to record any reactions that the subject, Vincent had to it

The End

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