His AwakeningMature

In the darkness of a lonely concrete cell, an emaciated and short teen that looked barely 17 opened his eyes, exposing irises as black as any pupil, abysses that a person could be lost in with their depths. He moaned, sitting up on the stone floor. No bed, no sink, no comforts. Not even a light. All there was in the cell was darkness and the teen.

The teen looked around without interest, examining his surroundings as he'd done thousands of times before whenever he woke from the short reprieves that many called sleep, never dreaming or moving in his sleep. In his sleep he only saw blackness, a comforting blackness that surrounded him, kept him safe. Not the forboeding, isolating blackness that surrounded him now. He started his usual ritual, standing and knocking on the only exit in the room. A great metal door that could have withstood a grenade blast with barely any damage.

A hatch in the door not even large enough for someone smaller than him to put their hand through. "It's 2:30." The guard at his door barked. A woman he reffered to as #26. The 26th guard he'd had in his time in the solitary cell. Some he'd killed, some left after being injured, some had just been transfered. "Thanks." The teen replied, his voice hoarse from not speaking much. 

He back sat on the floor for a while before laying back down and staring at the ceeling. To him the room was just dark, his eyes able to pick up on the barest bit of light with accuracy dwarfing even the most advanced nocturnal animal's eyesight.  

He waited for what seemed like minutes to him before the door opened, 5 guards pointing assault rifles at him from a white, featureless hallway of enamled metal walls revealed. He stood slowly, looking over their masked faces boredly. He sniffed the air. Two of them were new, he noted. He looked at #26 and nodded, even smiling slightly. She stiffened up slightly. "To the testing room." She said and the teen walked into the middle of the guards. They began to move down the hallway.

The End

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