My beginningMature

Aadra. The vein or artery. That's why we're here, at the end; that which lies within our veins. That which drives us forward. Vincent, Amy, Ruby, Cathal, even you, Aikin. But remember how we got here. The events that spilt so much blood. Our escapes, our battles, our brief respites. And what of you? Do you wish to hear?

I groggily sat up and looked around me. 'Must have hit my head.' I thought, scanning my surroundings. Definitely not where I remembered being, trudging around in the snow. I was in a small cavern. Icy walls too smooth to be natural, a barrel-sized hole in the roof above me, where I must have fallen in. "Ow..." I groaned, finally feeling my head pounding.

Back to my location, the one thing that stood as extremely unusual was the pool in front of me. I couldn't tell its depth, as it was filled with an opaque, silver liquid that reminded me of mercury. "Weird..." I murmured, looking for something to touch it with. I sure as hell wasn't going to touch it myself. I found a long-ish stick on the floor barely within arm's reach and picked it up. Considering whether or not I should touch it even with the stick, I decided to anyway.

As soon as the silvery fluid was touched by the stick I noticed two horrible things. One, the fluid was higher on the edge of the pool towards me, defying gravity, and that it appeared to be able to react to being touched. It latched on to the stick and climbed up the wood with silvery tendrils and such speed that it was already on my hand, holding it with eerily warm fingers before I could think to drop the stick. 'Shitshitshitshitshit.' I mentally exclaimed, jumping up and away from the pool. I couldn't. The moment I pulled back I was yanked forward, hurtling into the silver liquid.

Beneath the surfaceI struggled, but to no avail as I couldn't find any purchase within. I kept struggling, holding my breath until my lungs seared to the point in which I had no choice. I gasped for air, but was only greeted by liquid filling my mouth and lungs. I could feel it invading my insides and screamed breathlessly before I blacked out.

The End

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