The seat.Mature

Well, when I found out Alice would be sitting on my table, I didn't think much of it. We weren't particularly close, we got along though. Sometimes, I'd be there when she was openly ranting about someone she fell out with. She did that a lot. Rant. It's quite a funny thing, because it convinces you you know her, when in actual fact you are wrong. Which I so curiously found out, by being seated next to her and George in our English class.

We all walked in to the lesson at the start of the year, all sat on our place at the seating plan, up on the board, except Alice. Who stood sheepishly at the front of the class, politely waiting for Sir to stop talking. After a short conversation Alice came smiling up to our desk, and got a spare chair from the back. She wasn't happy about sitting next to me, it was about sitting next to George. They are best friends after all.

The lesson went smoothly, we all talked, we all worked, we all laughed. I thought it'd be okay sitting with them, they included me in the conversation, and work. I didn't know I'd learn more than I expected in those lessons.

The End

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