Day One, Evening

Day One, Evening

I was at the fountain a little early, so I sat down on a nearby bench and played on my iPod for a while. About ten minutes later, Kosuda-kun sauntered over and tapped me on my shoulder, making me jump and nearly drop my iPod.

'Konbanwa.'I smiled, getting up. He grinned and ran a hand though his glossy chocolate-brown hair.

'Kon-- ah! Here they are!' He called out to his friends, 'over here! over here!'

A group of mixed boys and girls wandered over and murmured greetings to me, bowing their heads a little.

'This is Phillips Dilyla. She's from England.' He said, pointing to me. I waved and bowed.

'Konbanwa, everyone.'I said politly.

'What's with the formal way of speaking?' A cheery-looking girl with a ridiculous amount of clips in her hair laughed, 'let's be friends! I'm Kurosaki, Atsuko. But you can call me Atsuko-Chan! I hear your going to Tokyo Sakura? I'm there as well.' She babbled. She spoke to me so fast, I found it hard to translate.

'Ah! That's great. You can call me Dilyla-Chan if you wish.' I said shyly. She giggled sweetly and put her arm around me.

'OK, Phillips-san, this is Arata-Kun, Aoi-Chan, Ayumi-kun, Emi-san, Goro-kun and Haruka-chan.' He introduced me to his friends. They didn't seem to mind that I only knew the informal way of saying their names. So I knew later that I'd be hesitant to say their names in case I was being rude.

'Un! Are we going then?' Atsuko-chan asked. Kosuda-Kun grinned and lead the way.

We were walking for quite a while and I grew more talkative and we went. Soon we reached 'Yuri's Kareoke Lounge'.

We went inside and were informed that we were in Room Six.

When we arrived, there were already a bunch of kids there.

I wasn't inroduced to them. 

Everyone just sort of sat down and mingled, Atsuko-Chan and I sat down at a small table in the corner and talked about what Tokyo Sakura Middle School was like. She told me the uniform wasn't tight at all and the indoor shoe's are always being nicked. We also exchange numbers and she made me swear that I'd contact her so we could meet up sometime before school started.

We were alone until two boys sauntered over confidently, they looked a little cocky but they seemed nice enough.

'What're you doing over here on a group date?' One of the boys who had bleached their hair bright blonde asked with a leer.

'Just talking.' I replied, Atsuko-Chan nodded and smiled.

'So, can we talk with you?' The other who had ink-black hair enquired, grinning. We nodded and budged up so they could sit down.

Just as we started our little chat, Kosuda-Kun came over, grabbed my arms and said in a touchy voice, 'let's go do kareoke.'

'Ok...ay...?'I said in English, letting myself be dragged along by him. I waved a sad goodbye to Atsuko-Chan and pulled a face. She laughed a really cute laugh and the two boys took a sudden interest in her. All I saw after that was alot of blushing.

'I don't know any Japanese songs!' I stammered, Kosuda-Kun looked at me funny.

'Fine, how about we leave this thing and I'll go treat you to ramen?' He asked, grinning. I nodded feebly and raised my hand high and waved to Atsuko-Chan, she caught my eye and winked smiling knowingly.

As soon as we turned the corner, Kosuda-Kun, grabbed my shoulders and kissed me.

The End

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