A Year Away

Dilya moved away to Japan with her mum because of work. They go to Tokyo and Dilyla meets Itachi. They become good friends and becuse of the circumstances, she ends up going to his school!!!

Day One

I only came because my mother can't speak Japanese very well. Whereas I know quite a lot.

I mooched around Tokyo for about three hours. I got some stationary and a few exam books, I'm currently studying to get into Tokyo Sakura High.

It was so alive here! There were busy men, cosplayers, cute families, good-looking boys, chefs, shop-keepers... There were so many people I felt dizzy.

I was so indulged in the culture and people that I bumped into someone, dropping the shopping bags.

'Sorry! I am very sorry!'I said in Japanese, bowing low.

'It's not a problem! Are you alright?' I heard a young persons voice say. It took me about ten seconds to translate.

'Ah! I'm fine!'

He helped me pick up my things, I finally looked at his face. He was about my age. . . and really hot.

'In return for me helping you pick up your stuff, will you let me treat you to tayaki?' He enquired innocently.

'Un!' I smiled. 'I'm Dilyla by the way.'

'I'm Itachi. Well, thats my given name, your welcome to call me by it if you wish!' He smiled, I knew from the instant he said that, that he was a utter playboy.

'Ah! I couldn't! I couldn't be so familiar with a stranger!' I said, shaking my head.

'Call me Kosuda-kun then!'

'Ok-ay... Kosuda-kun?'

'Hehe! Your from England aren't you? You don't look like your Japanese.'

'Yes, I'm here because my mother is on a bussiness trip for a year. And I'm the only one in the family who can speak Japanese. So, bam, I'm here.' I informed him, 'and because I'm here for a year, I have to start a school.'

'Ahh. Which one do you plan to join?' He asked.

'Tokyo Sakura Middle School.' I smiled, he raised his eyebrows and grinned. But said no more.

'Seeing as were such good friends already,' he said, I made a 'prfft' noise then laughed. 'Haha. Anyway, I'm going on a group date later, do you want to come?'

'Oooh! Yes please!' I squealed, 'I've only read aboutt hem in manga's! I've neevr been on one!'

He laughed and patted my head. I grinned at him.

'Okay, meet me. . . by that fountain, 'he pointed to it, 'at 7 tonight. Can you get here?'

'Yeah, I can!'

'Don't be late.' He smiled, resting a finger on my cheek before he walked off. I blushed and pulled out my phone. I called my mum and told her what was going on. She wans't sure at first but gave in. He never treated me to tayaki in the end. . .

*ed note: she is speaking in japanese most of the time, but i know none of you would understand it if i put it in japanese :) *

The End

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