Filling in the void, annoyed, simple see-through ploys--above them with joy

Simple crimped sticky stamped feet stamps licked clean cleat secretion meets enhanced dialect respect reinacted sample cactus ample lactose intolerant ants stampede up pants can't see past their own stance dance imapled on this lance grants money hungry lunging grubbing funny loving hugs bunny lunch stunned hunches run from couches hung from houses among the grouted upended loudness offended trousers unended enlivened thriving craving guided elated private stated strictly satirically serenaded hated baited created cadence we're tethered together whether you want it or taint it or stomp it or fade it concave encase and cave it no matter if you save it lavish it twist and amazingly baste it in tasty crazy lasting flavor procrastinating nature blossomed leaves of leave it be until time ticking brings me to the conclusion usiing word tools silencing hot headed fools makes me feel powerful real cool fleshed as they drool looking like a cruel mess I guess I'm not so powerless I guess I am in supreme writerly fitness in jest I am not to be picked on for sickness gets shoved off and gripped on adversaries lapels until they lay still with a deadly smell it aint hard to tell I'm on guard smashing a warning bell madder than a hornet in hell when I'm cornered you can simply call the coroner for your deceased honor long bomber stunned new comber brung what is brought thought what is not got what can contort into competition like a sport I'm the definition of a well courted knight's retort when asked to fight I snort and ignite my torch drifting into the night with a sturdy horse sorting what's right with lots of bright light within eliciting so much fright without giving in to a simple physical bend of any weapon I step on and somehow gain wisdom and give a lesson to dimple smirking less thans-- that is my confession

The End

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