Navy Yard, Money, School, Protagonize, Procrastinize Drool

Damn I should be shoving off and crawling on my hands and knees over to the Navy yard and beg them for a job but I can't quite tear myself away from writing its so much more inviting and flexible and actually earning me something nowadays though not enough never enough it never is clever enough to really let me live though I'm getting there I'm not setting like suns but rising as one does with light with these excersises strengthening my skills my non skills are dusting off shoving off to get a job but what I have mastered I don't post here I keep for myself tight close to my chest and express it at poetry reading submit for publication my creations that are online writng shunned because who will pay for something that can be viewed for free and already technically publishing ruins many outlets for money I want to support myself fully with this writing thing and for now I can't do that writing what I want I have to write what THEY want but the tides are turning if slowly the tables are flipping as my pen I'm gripping just spewing written stuff everyday on microphones in my home alone( like the movie but with out all the big budgeted movie type fun) I don't even know where my mind is let me try to find it swimming in caffiene fiendish for knowledge murder envy and hate I try to abolish from within and set an example for others I love and don't the best you can do is do well by yourself actions speak louder than anythig and that's as much influence you can hope to have, by living it truthfully everyday with your actions you can change people for the better with out speeching at them or even talking to them directly at all about how you want them to change -- just by taking care of yourself others will gradually think hey I want that I want to be like that and if they truly do then they will change in short you can't change anyone with words it has to come from how you live averyday and just leave it at that....I'm going to find a job now, The Navy yard just got a bunch of government money so that's where I'm starting and it's not that I don't work or self support its that everything I do for money is flexible and its great but just simply not enough I have to get on a schedule and that sucks but its what I have to do until I get some sort of break with my writing Ill keep you all updated lol ha ha life is just fun, I love it right now a summer kind of infatuation INTAXICATION(not a typo)-- thats feeling joy until you realize it was your money to begin with!

The End

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