Thanks, Shark Tanks, And Whatever Else Escapes

Thanks elemental for adding your questions they were very intrigueing because the way I see life happening growing becoming knowing living breathing with blood flowing is quite hard to imagine when you consider that there was nothing at one point -- at least in theory-- at least for what we know all that we know did indeed spring from absolutely nothing, and if not nothing -- if it turns out to in fact be something I'm pretty sure that it was inanimate at least -- kind of mind bending to think of inanimate gunk forming life, inanimate, dead, nothing = the opposite = life movement something -- what? how does that make sense, but it does, it has to, it is a part of the incomplete facts we are compiling as intelligent life, building the facts up breaking and bringing other facts down for reconstructing ressurecting them back over the centuries like great architects of the mental progressing passing what we know down by way of language knowledge within us resides entire towns cities villages ally ways water ways and worlds of taught thought that teaches standing in the flickering flame of our short individual existences combined with other mortal minds for the construction of conversing for strengthening building the foundations the builders continually building upon each generation for dispersing it like the maple spreads it's winged seeds rotating like failing helicopters erratically landing for the anticipation of escaping natural anihlation-- wow how do you spell annhilation? anhilation? annihlation? for domination over war lords for peace serenity for happiness for glory for expansion for the top spot in the species cream of the crop for everything you care about and hold dear empowering yourself with knowledge is of utmost priority very important for the future of yourself and everyone else as well collectively. 

The End

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