Free Flow Fun-- Totally Tyrannosaurs!

Tad's totally tyrannosaurs!

Isabelle island is inhabited

by brutish

outlandish ostriches,

wheaty watches, why...

sandwich swatches!

canvas crowns

Envelope everything-- even

Kansas Kings

Can call coins 'ca-ching!'

Panoramically pretty

married my

pliable precious

Rotated rightfully reincarnated real-estate

Ya'll ying-yangs yell yarns

While weary we weeze...

what was what, weasel?

Say something. Sorry? start sterilizing smartly

Stop stammering slickly.

"SOUL SEEK!" Someone screams--


Forever fearful,

fretting-- falling for follies

far from feather flying-- feeble flailing.

Relish reality respectfully.

Hear hell

Tread the tongue?

dreaded deeds dare

dead door done

craving credit crystals

Negotiate negative nothings

Palpable proof ,

Genie granted,

sirs seem scalpable. So scram. Scoot!


The End

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