The Rambling Rumbles Forth

Redheaded rose that was very real of you to write and I thank you for the kind words and I think its very hard to write this fast and try and communicate with you like a letter so if it gets screwy I think you'll understand funny that your bracelets clanked as you began its really freeing this exercise thing I doubt Ill ever stop adding to it as long as im here -- like you mentioned it is so nice not to worry about if what you are writing is any good, I find that true growth will come from doing it and throwing your inhibitions aside and jumping into it head on. There's a time and place for deep thoughts, editing, and the like, but this is just squeezing lemons and other citrus fruits and vegetables until the juices flow and blend and show on the page and before you know it you've actually written a whole page in the span of a few minutes which, for me personally, never happens so fast when I sit down and really really really try and there's something to be lost in trying so hard all of the time I find solace in giving myself a break and letting it loose and I think you appreciate it too, and others do as well, because afterall it isn't just rubbish its actually helping us write faster think quicker-- actually think about how to spell words and not just relying on word processors to tell us how to spelL SQWUAK BECASUE Oops i turned caps on too long... the more the processors do stuff for us the less conscienscious we are and the less we can be independent and the more we as writers will be lacking true intelligence. What I do when it comes to expanding my vocab is read stuff not out of want to read it but purely out of want of seeing a word i don't know of or don't know the meaning of, and then I write it down in a little book i set aside specifically for that kind of vocab building, i call THE VEIN OF GOLD and leave a space under the word so that when i can i go look it up in the dictionary and i write the definition mixed in with my own understanding of the word beneath the word, and before you know it you'll have a whole book of words you didn't know of before and you can reference it when you write -- it works best for poetry rambling i find becasue it's hard to write stories that aren't lyrical with all of the words but heck, someone somewhere has probably used all of the words I have in the VEIN OF GOLD in a novel... anyway i want to say that i've sidetracked a tad, lol, but what is the word deviate, no, deviated, naw, its something so perfect why can't i think of it its on the tip of my tongue its ummm.... its... come on.... i know it, i have.... i have....shoot I can't think of it while writng this fast i have to stop for a second...


ITS I digress,

 wow im really excited for no good reason, i have so much to do today i really must be going. Thanks redheadedrose that was fun;)

The End

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