Rubbish Ramblings

Hmm I like this idea of just writing, rambling, whatever comes into your head and darn it I automatically put commas in without even thinking. Ah pins and needles in my feet, zing it goes. my bracelets are jingling jangling as I type that’s better ive taken them off I can hear the birds sqwawking outside wow thats a nightmare word, sqarking i dont even know how to spell it but who cares and the hum of cars in the street what shall I do for the rest of this evening I think ill carry on tidying my room. I need to sort out those old books and books put them away so ive got more room for my art stuff which seems to be crowding my room but what to do with it all. I don’t want to put it up cos its too impending no wrong word I mean dominating and not what I want to see all the time. maybe Ill do some more painting and drawing but I know Ill never get round to it even though I have all the time in the world right now. oh dear I feel like I should be writing some marvellous description like you tad with your endless list of creative description I wish I had that much vocabulary stored that I could just whip out when I needed wow I typed that word needed wrong about five times there but yes how does one expand one’s vocabulary you see a new word and think right I’ll remember that but then you never do and you’re still stuck with your same old dictionary of words that you cant seem to expand. and when it comes to writing you are so limited by your insufficient knowledge that your mind blocks and no word seems right to express what you mean maybe I should read the dictionary every night no I tried that once and it unsurprisingly fizzled out after a few days no point trying that again but maybe I should do it every so often and then try and use it but wait doesn’t reading increase your vocabulary yes it does because you have to see the words in context to understand their use. I need to do more reading its appalling how little I have read but I am so impatient I cant seem to stick at books that don’t instantly grip me I wish I had the perseverance to keep reading and reading and not switch books wow this is quite refreshing just typing without thinking just letting what flies into your head weave into your fingertips onto the page well meta-no, whats the word, metaphorical page? im not sure but you know what I mean. well anyway i think im done for now thank you for starting this little outlet its nice not to have to edit and reedit and hope what you’ve written is good.

The End

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