What Is Life?

What is life?-- besides something so fragile



The same time is not easy to kill.

What is life? -- besides all five senses

birthing categories of emotions walled by bodily fences

bringing eternally tinier branches of reactivity light till it denses.

What is life?-- besides what is fleeting

while coming

while breathing

while teeming, seething, bereaving, scheming,

trying, living dying, giving, prying, moving, soothing, doing, cooing,

cocooned and blossomed

tomfooled dull, but awesome, inspiring, hated and elated,

it's twirling while still,

its girlish and shrill inside of the soldiers gun

it's here, now, alive, but



same time it's always almost done --

in either the short or the long run.

What is life? -- besides

exactly what happens when the opposite collides.

The End

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